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Custom Floral Preservation for Weddings and Special Occasions

Custom Floral Preservation for Wedding and Special Occasions As many of you have seen on our social media lately, I have been busy with custom floral preservation orders. I started over 3 years ago just drying random flowers in my garden, and air drying bouquets from my husband. I love nature and just could not throw out these beautiful flowers. Once I learned they could also be cast forever in epoxy resin, I was hooked.  People began requesting custom orders, mostly for memorials and funerals, or other special occasion items. Recently however, more and more people were asking me to save their flowers from weddings. Due to the pandemic, 2021-2023 is predicted to be the busiest years for wedding seasons!  I did some research and began offering larger floral block castings to fit bigger flowers and bouquets. I practiced with my own flowers I had saved over the years, and was pleasantly surprised. I just love the fact that I can forever preserve these very special moments in resin keepsak

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